On Thursday, 22nd of June 2023, the 4evergreen alliance will host the online session “Get Sorted: Enhancing Fibre-based Packaging Circularity through Improved Collection and Sorting” from 9.30 to 12.30 CEST.

During the event, experts from the waste management sector will discuss together the crucial role of collection and sorting to increase the recycling rate of fibre-based packaging, the current opportunities and challenges, and how different sector players can collaborate to make the whole ecosystem work best.

In addition, 4evergreen experts will guide participants through the content of our Guidance on the Improved Collection & Sorting and its recommendations for enhancing the collection and sorting of different types of fibre-based packaging and the next steps they are working on. The program of the event is available here.

To attend the event, please register via this form. You will receive all the information to join the session.