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4evergreen is a cross-industry alliance of over 100 members representing the entire lifecycle of fibre-based packaging – from forests to producers, designers, brand owners and recyclers. Together they share expertise to develop tools and guidelines for an even more sustainable sector. The goal is to reach a 90% recycling rate for fibre-based packaging by 2030.

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4evergreen is building a tool box to drive the sector towards its ambition of perfecting fibre-based packaging circularity

Recyclability Evaluation Protocol

Enabling the whole sector to evaluate and score fibre-based packaging’s recyclability in standard mills (Part I).

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Circularity by Design Guideline

Providing design recommendations for more easily recyclable packaging requiring processing in standard mills or specialised mills. 

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Guidance on the Improved Collection and Sorting of Fibre-based Packaging for Recycling

Practical recommendations to enhance fibre-based packaging collection and sorting.

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What we have already achieved:

Key Facts from the European Paper and Board Industry


of paper and board packaging is already recycled


of water used is returned to the environment, cleanly and safely


reduction of carbon emissions in the manufacturing process since 1990


of energy use and generation is renewable, higher than any other industry

  • Fibre-based packaging is already a vital contributor to the circular economy. According to Eurostat, fibre-based packaging has the highest recycling rate in volume (82,5%), above that of other materials, such as metal (74,8%), glass (74,9%), or plastic (39,7%).
  • European Consumers prefer paper and cardboard packaging because of its sustainability attributes: they see it as better for the environment (62%) and easier to recycle (57%) than other forms of packaging.**
  • Fibre-based packaging is made with renewable and recycled fibre from sustainably managed forests and recycling streams.

Source of data: Two Sides