Perfecting circularity together

As a cross-industry alliance, 4evergreen fosters synergies among companies promoting low-carbon and circular fibre-based packaging. By bringing together the entire value chain, 4evergreen enables cooperation with a comprehensive outlook on fibre-based packaging’s life cycle.

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4evergreen aims to perfect the circularity of fibre-based packaging to 90% by 2030 by focusing on those categories that are low today and paying special attention to household, out-of-home and on-the-go packaging.

What we have already achieved:

  • Fibre-based packaging is also a vital contributor to the circular economy. According to Eurostat, fibre-based packaging has the highest recycling rate in volume (85%), above that of other materials, such as plastics (40%), glass (76%), or metal (81%).
  • Latest consumer preference trends show paper and cardboard packaging ranks highest because of its sustainability attributes: it is better for the environment (62%)* and easier to recycle (57%)*.
  • Fibre-based packaging is made from renewable fibre, sourced from sustainably managed forests and subsequently recovered from recycling streams.

Key Numbers from the European Paper and Board Industry


of paper & board packaging is already recycled


of water used is returned to environment, in good condition


reduction of CO2 / tonne in the manufacturing process since 1990


of energy use & generation is renewable, highest in any industry

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4evergreen works to accelerate the ways in which fibre-based packaging can be part of the solution to key societal challenges

Resource scarcity

9.5 billion people by 2050 will increase consumer demand, waste and pressure on natural resources.

Climate change

From the top 10 global risks identified by the World Economic Forum, five are environmental and related to climate change.


We live in a world in which 60% of the ecosystems are already degraded.

Green recovery

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the prospect of a global economic recession, the EU has placed recovery at the top of the agenda - with a green conditionality attached.