Visual with landmarks of European cities and title "Circularity Success Stories"


During recent years, cities all over Europe have increasingly demonstrated their commitment to the objectives of the EU Green Deal. Some have been actively promoting sustainability and the circular economy for decades. Across the continent, certain cases stand out, becoming real pioneers and leading the unavoidable change.

Our alliance has identified several European cities that are at the forefront of efficient waste management and recycling performance. On the occasion of the 20th European Week of Regions and Cities, we are releasing a special series of interviews with mayors, focusing on their waste collection and sorting systems, the problems they face, and the solutions they are building.

At 4evergreen, we have also set the target of increasing the recycling rate of fibre-based packaging to 90% by 2030. Understanding the challenges of collection and sorting is crucial to meet the EU legal requirements and reaching this ambitious goal. To do so, our Workstream 3 (WS-3) recently released its “Guidance on the Improved Collection and Sorting of Fibre-base Packaging for Recycling,” which offers an overview of existing systems and subsequent practical recommendations. The document is intended to guide the implementation of the future collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure.

Cities and citizens can play a crucial role in improving separate collection and recycling rates, and outstanding initiatives like those in this series are essential to the journey toward a more circular and climate-neutral society.

We want to thank the councils and citizens of each of them for their exemplary dedication and willingness to share their experiences. Here they are:

I. Bratislava

II. Trento

III. Ljubljana

IV. Tallinn