Susanne Haase has started as the Programme Director of Programme the 4evergreen Alliance. The goal of the alliance, an initiative of Cepi, is to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging in the circular economy.

Susanne Haase, an experienced editor, and award-winning journalist has been enthusiastically reporting on the international pulp and paper industry for more than 15 years. Now she has taken up the role of Program Director of 4evergreen, an alliance that is connecting industry members from across the fibre-based packaging value chain.

Susanne has authored numerous articles in her career that have underlined the importance of cross-value chain collaboration to drive circularity and the role of fibre-based products in mitigating climate change. As Programme Director of 4evergreen, she now has a perfect chance to help drive the mission forward. Says Susanne:

“As a reporter, I have visited countless paper, cardboard and pulp mills in Europe and around the world. I have experienced first-hand how seriously manufacturers of wood fibre-based materials take the issue of sustainability in terms of their renewable raw material source, wood from sustainably managed forests and recycled fibres, as well as their production processes, which are already extremely sophisticated and constantly being optimized,” says Susanne. ” Although materials like cardboard, paperboard or cast fibre are the recyclable core element of fibre-based packaging, they are typically accompanied by other function-giving or design elements, and these must be brought to a correspondingly high recycling level. The fact that 4evergreen has now been founded shows that this industry is ready to go that extra mile – and change the world for the better.”

Publications for which Susanne has been responsible for as Editor-in-Chief include journals like IPW (International Paperworld), Paperazzo and Biofibre Magazine. In addition, she has worked as chief reporter for APR (Aktuelle Papier-Rundschau).