4evergreen’s innovation workstream is looking into future technologies and materials to perfect the recyclability, sortability, and circularity of fibre-based packaging.

The first project related to the ‘Sortability of fibre-based barrier packaging’ focusses on investigating and evaluating technologies that can assist with the sorting of fibre-based barrier packaging from a mixed paper waste stream.  These packaging types are often segregated for recycling at specialist or standard mills. The ability to identify non-target materials such as plastics, metals or organic contamination is also in scope. The classification of ‘fibre-based barrier packaging’ includes packaging containing either single or double-sided metallised or plastic lamination/barrier layers or coatings in varying quantities. Examples could include food trays, coffee cups and metallised paper bags.

The second project related to the ‘Novel recycling technologies’ focusses on landscaping and testing technologies that can offer novel valorisation routes for fibre-based packaging. The technologies of interest may include solutions for, but are not limited to the following topics: food contaminated paper/board, barrier coated paper/board, wet strength paper/board, valorisation of the rejects including polymeric coatings, etc. The solution could be stand-alone, small scale & decentralised recycling plant or used as a side- or pre-treatment of existing mill operations. Improvements in terms of improved repulping time, separation of plastic and fibres, removal of stickies and other defects generated by these challenging-to-recycle materials, and minimising the damages on the fibres are also of interest.

If you think your technology could solve one of the challenges stipulated above, please contact Jussi Lahtinen.